Event Planning Division


Seminar Committee


Seminar Committee is organizing seminars which should be valuable for JCCNC member companies and their employees.

Seminar Committee has its policies in the following ways:

  • Choose topics which more and more JCCNC members would have their interest in

  • Try not to duplicate topics which were described in recent seminars

  • Prevent from having seminars whose intention is to benefit speakers

In addition, we try to make those sessions interactive so that attendees can discuss with speakers during the seminars and continue to do so even after to create values.

Corporate Operations Café Committee


The Cafe Committee aims to provide JCCNC member companies with a casual way to share
common problems of headquarters operations of each company, to discuss among member companies
and to learn best practices.

The Café Committee is engaged in the following activities to achieve this mission:

  • Organizing regular meetings by personnel in charge of member companies

  • Establishment of a communication network that allows people to easily consult about problems and concerns of each company on a daily basis

  • Common themes (such as general affairs, personnel affairs, and accounting areas) that cannot be resolved among members through collaboration with the seminar committee and planning seminars for problems

Golf Committee



The Golf Committee exists to actively and smoothly facilitate JCCNC operations, using the “Golf Course” to deepen everyone’s friendship.

In order to achieve that goal, the Golf Committee:

  • Holds a yearly “JCCNC Golf Tournament” event

  • Designs ways to increase membership using the JCCNC Golf Tournament event

  • Plan and implement ways to make the JCCNC Golf Tournament event more enjoyable for a larger audience

  • Using the revenue from the JCCNC Golf Tournament event, donations are made to Japanese Schools or various other volunteer programs, thereby contributing to the community

New Year’s Party Committee


New Year Party Committee provides opportunity for new year celebration and communication among JCCNC members and affiliates, by holding New Year Party.  The party will develop friendship and unity among members.

NYP committee achieves this mission by:

  • Organizing committee and volunteer team consist by JCCNC members, and creating new year party through member's co-working

  • Attracting many participants by providing entertainments, e.g. concerts and ruffles

  • Developing JCCNC and members benefits by proper tickets promotion and budget control