Management Division


Human Resources Committee



The Human Resources Committee supports to develop and maintain the core of the organization to ensure sustainability of JCCNC and its activities.

The Human Resources Committee activities includes:
Establishing a nomination committee and recommending new Cabinet members and Executive

   Committee (EC) members at the beginning of the year
Handling the human resources operation for the indispensable administration team of the JCCNC


Membership Committee 



The Membership Committee is responsible for attracting new member companies who will become the next core members and further expanding membership to achieve the goals and objectives of the JCCNC. 

The Membership Committee achieves this mission by:
●  Organizing events to attract and expose JCCNC to potential new membership companies
●  Seeking collaboration with other JCCNC committees such as Seminar Committee to introduce the

   benefits of JCCNC activities
●  Reinforcing ties with external organizations such as the Consulate General of Japan and JETRO to

   establish relationship with the companies which are new to the Bay Area

Public Relations Committee


The Public Relations Committee aims to publish any information of JCCNC and its activities to  JCCNC members and local companies through paper and/or electric media.

The Public Relations Committee’s mission is to disseminate information that is beneficial to JCCNC members to connect each member and generate ecosystem within the members.

Editorial committee members of the Public Relations Committee are editing to post the activities of JCCNC’s committees in JCCNC News and so the Public Relation Committee has the strongest network with each committee within JCCNC.

The main activity of the Public Relation Committee is to issue JCCNC News every other month.  Public Relation Committee members meet at the monthly editorial meeting and remotely to make the JCCNC News edit with the procedure of planning articles, allocating the contents, requesting manuscripts, and proofreading them.  At the editorial meeting, we also write articles of the Public Relations Committee themselves, such as “Public Relations Committee member’s Recommendation Spots” and “History Exploration of Bay Area” and send them on the newsletter for dissemination.  Since people from various industries are acting as Public Relation Committee members, we hope that articles written by the members can be read as unique, helpful and useful information.

The website of JCCNC you are currently viewing has also set up a task force within the Public Relation Committee and developed it.  The Public Relations Committee is engaged in activities to publish the information in paper and electric media in this way.  Would you like to send your information with us on the JCCNC network?  Please contact JCCNC if you are interested in becoming a member of the Public Relation Committee.