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Our Background

Within the heart of California, San Francisco and Silicon Valley

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California (JCCNC) was founded in 1950 to promote business, mutual understanding, and goodwill between Japan and the United States.

In 1951, JCCNC was incorporated as a California nonprofit.

JCCNC is the only chamber of commerce for Japanese businesses originally founded by Japanese Americans.  One of its unique qualities lies in the fact that it comprises of Japanese and Japanese American businesses, corporations and organizations, all with ties between Northern California and Japan.
JCCNC provides assistance to businesses from Japan wishing to open a Northern California office.  It also works in conjunction with the Consulate General of Japan to convey information through a joint disaster crisis management system.

In the U.S., volunteerism and corporate responsibility is considered an important part of business.  JCCNC members support local communities, organizations, and programs as a means to encourage corporate responsibility.

JCCNC continues to promote goodwill and friendship between Japan and the United States.  It provides networking opportunities as well as informational seminars that educate Japanese corporations about doing business in California.



北加日本商工会議所 2020年 新年会開催のご案内

令和の時代の幕が開け、いよいよオリンピック・イヤーを迎える2020年。恒例の北加日本商工会議所(JCCNC)主催第65回新年会を、2020年1月18日(土)午後4時半より、The Westin St. Francis ホテルにて開催いたします。JCCNCではこの新年会を、会員企業の方々をはじめとする地域コミュニティーの皆様が、年の初めに一堂に会し交流を深めていただける場となるよう準備を進めております。

新年会の主役となるゲスト・アーティストには、元プリンセス プリンセスのボーカル、 岸谷香さんをお迎えすることに決定しました。会員の皆様には「プリプリ」の頃からの大ファンの方やカバーされた「M」を聴いて好きになられた方もいらっしゃるかと思います。新年会に足をお運び頂き、岸谷香さんのライブを心より楽しんで頂ければ幸いです。
                  北加日本商工会議所 会頭 大垣 忠央
                  新年会実行委員会 委員長 松村 正之
         4:30pm: カクテル(No-Host)
         6:00pm: 開場、ディナー&ラッフル
         8:00pm: 公演
場所:The Westin St. Francis Hotel, Union Square
         335 Powell Street

         San Francisco, CA 94102


演題: 『カリフォルニア州消費者プライバシー 法(CCPA)へのコンプライアス実務対応』     (日本語での講義)


■ 2019年11 月5日(火 )15:00~18:00

会場:College of San Mateo Campus 

         Building10, Room 195
         1700 West  Hillsdale Boulevard

         San Mateo, CA 94402


費用:JCCNC 会員:無料 / 非会員:$10


杉本武重 (杉本・川島法律事務所ニューヨクオフィスパトナー弁護士)


演題: 『みずほ銀行セミナー』



■ 2019年11月4日(月) 午後4:00 ~ 7:30

会場:San Mateo Public Library, Oak Meeting Room

         55 West 3rd Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94402

駐車場: 図書館の駐車場は、2時間の制限がありますので、長時間駐車の際は、2nd AvenueとEl Caminoに駐車されることを推奨します。

定員:100 名(先着順)

締め切り:2019 年10 月28 日(月)       

参加費: 無料 


みずほ銀行 産業調査部 副部長                        小鈴裕之 氏

みずほ銀行 産業調査部 米州調査チーム調査役 枡本康平 氏

みずほ銀行 ワシントンD.C.駐在員事務所長     石原亮  氏


演題: 『米中貿易摩擦についての関税及び移転価格対策』



■ 2019 年10 月29 日(火) 午後4:00 ~ 6:00

Crossroads Bldg. 1st Floor

1825 South Grant Street, San Mateo, CA 94402


・2019 年10 月22 日(火)       

40 名(先着順)

参加費: JCCNC 会員:無料 / 非会員:$10

講師: Hotta Liesenberg Saito LLP パートナー 高名 祐治 氏

*All seminars are held in Japanese (i.e., presentation materials, spoken languages, etc.)

演題: 『セクシャル・ハラスメント問題 防止セミナー』


■ 2019 年 8 月7 日(水) 午後4:00 ~ 午後6:30


Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP  Palo Alto Office

1801 Page Mill Road, Suite 110, Palo Alto, CA 94304

■ 2019 年 9 月4 日(水) 午後4:00 ~ 午後6:30


Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP San Francisco Office

275 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA 9411


・8 月7 日(水) パロアルト開催分       40 名(先着順) 締め切り:8 月 2 日(金)

・9 月4 日(水) サンフランシスコ開催分 40 名(先着順) 締め切り:8 月30 日(金)

参加費: JCCNC 会員とご家族:無料 / 非会員:$10

※ いずれの回も、内容は同じもので、午後3:30 受付開始、セミナー後に修了証発行/ネットワーキング、午後7:30 終了予定。

*All seminars are held in Japanese (i.e., presentation materials, spoken languages, etc.)

演題: 『GO-Biz / Sacramento Visit 報告会』


日時/会場: 2019 年8 月5 日(月) 午後4:00 ~ 午後6:30

Crossroads Bldg.

1825 South Grant Street, San Mateo, CA 94402

※ 午後3:30 受付開始

※ ネットワーキング:セミナー後にお時間を設けております。

報告者: Government Relations Committee


定員: 40 名(定員になり次第、締め切らせていただきます)

参加費: JCCNC 会員とご家族:無料 / 非会員:$10


*All seminars are held in Japanese (i.e., presentation materials, spoken languages, etc.)

日時: 2019年6月11日(木)16:00~19:00

参加費: 無料

ディパロ真紀氏( アルストン&バード法律事務所アトランタオフィス・シニア・アソシエイト弁護士)


~Photo Gallery~

2019 JCCNC Manzanar National Historic Site Pilgrimage & Japanese American National Museum

*This event has ended

JCCNC Manzanar National Historic Site Visit

Friday and Saturday, April 26 - 27, 2019

*Closed - Applications no longer accepted

2019 JCCNC Scholarship now accepting applications


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Upon agreement to JCCNC mission statement, please submit the application form as prescribed.

Membership Categories

Corporate Membership:

Corporation located in Northern California engaging in U.S.-Japan business.

Special Membership:

Corporate or Individual determined by the JCCNC Board of Directors to be of significantly contributing to JCCNC.

Honorary Membership:         

Consul General of Japan Consulate General in San Francisco, or those who elected that the JCCNC board is suitable for honorary.

Associate Membership:         

Students, Scholars, and Retirees only may apply for Associate Membership.

How to Apply

  1. Click to download the application below.

  2. Fill out an application blank and put your signature.

  3. Return to JCCNC via E-mail or Fax.


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Bay Area Communities

JCCNC supports programs and activities hosted by many Japanese American communities and organizations here in the Bay Area.

Please participate as we will introduce such activities and events, along with volunteer opportunity information.

Japantown Community Congress of San Jose

Formed for the preservation of the historic and cultural heritage of San Jose Japantown

--one of last three remaining Japantowns in the U.S.--and to promote efforts to sustain and enhance the diversity, vibrancy, and viability of this community.  Visit engraved benches installed throughout Japantown that provide information about the historic significance of each site (one of their many innovative projects). 

San Francisco Japantown Foundation

Formed in 2006 with the vision to preserve and  honor San Franicsco Japantown’s history by fostering and providing funding for activities that reflect the Japanese American heritage, and to engage Japanese of all generations and all experiences.  It identifies and supports historic, social, cultural, economic, and artistic assets that benefit the Japantown community. Its annual fundraising event is to introduce "Osechi".  Next year, it will be held on Jan. 9th.

National Japanese American Historical Society

A membership organization founded in 1980 to preserve the history of Japanese Americans in general and educating the public about the contributions of Japanese Americans to American Society.  Its work includes ground-breaking exhibitions and educational events for the public, historical research, and development of educational resources for teachers and students.  Try their Japantown Cultural and Historical Walking Tour.


Partner Organizations

Valued Partnerships

Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco

JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization)

Japan National Tourism Organization

The Japan Society of Northern America

California Chamber of Commerce


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