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Government Relations Committee


The GRC acts as an interface between the Japanese/Japanese American business and the state of California with the objectives of promoting mutual understandings and to contribute to increased enhancement of Japan/California business relationships.

The GRC achieves this mission by:

  • Conducting annual visit to Sacramento to meet with public organizations and members of the legislature of the state of California

  • Public organizations with which JCCNC maintains continuous relationships include Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz), Senate Office of International Relations (CIRF), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), etc

  • GRC strives to make information regarding business rules and incentives provided by the state of California more accessible and more useful by following up on the outcome of the annual Sacramento Visit

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Community Relations Committee



The Community Relations Committee supports building closer relationship through collaboration between JCCNC members and their families, and the Japanese American Community, Asian Community and the other organizations in the Bay Area. 

The Community Relations Committee achieves this mission by:

  • Being an active and integral part of the local Japanese and Japanese American Community, Asian Community and the other organizations.

  • Supporting programs and activities of organizations in said community  

  • Supporting programs that promote and introduce local Japanese American history, as well as Japanese culture, arts, and language 

  • Providing venues for members to increase knowledge about Japanese American community organizations, its activities, and history

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Education Committee


The Education Committee promotes the expansion of Japanese language and culture through educational activities within the community.

The Education Committee activities includes:

  • Acting as a liaison between JCCNC and the San Francisco Japanese School (Hoshuuko)

  • Serving as an advisor to the San Francisco Japanese School

  • Providing support to an educational events in bay area regarding Japanese language and culture

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Member List
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