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​Sep. 22, 2024 JCCNC Golf Tournament (Eagle Vine Golf Club)

​May 17, 2024 SF Giants Japanese Heritage Night

                     (JCCNC registration)

​May 1, 2024 Asian American & Pacific Islander Heritage Month

​April 7, 13, 21, 2024 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

​March 1, 2024 The Leading Edge of Sogo Shosha in Silicon Valley 

                        at Morrison Foerster, Palo Alto

​February 13, 2024 Kuma Shochu (Japanese Traditional Rice Liquor)                            Guide Certification Course

​February 7, 2024 Japan California Hydrogen Webinar

​January 27, 2024 California Japan Sister Cities Networking Event

​January 20, 2024 JCCNC New Year Party

January 11, 2024 New Year's Round Table and Reception at Sacramento

​January 4, 2024 SF Japantown Foundation Osechi Ryori Event

December 28 2023 San Jose JCCsj Bonenkai

​December 16 NBA GS Warriors Japanese Heritage Night

​December 8, 2023 San Mateo Mayor Visit

​November 21, Norman Mineta Documentary Film Event

​October 22 2023 Broadway-type Documentary Show About the Nikkei US Soldiers of World War II “Defining Courage” 

​October 8, 2023, Community Relations Committee

​『Paradise Ridge Winery Tour』

​October 5, 2023, 11th Annual International Golf Scramble

​『Bay Area International Chambers Networking Golf』

​September 17, 2023 Golf Outing

『2023 JCCNC Golf Tournament at Eagle Vines Vineyards & Golf Club』

​September 13, 2023 JCCNC Seminar "AI Business and Latest Trends Challenged by Silicon Valley Startups" 

​September 13, 2023 JCCNC Seminar "AI Business and Latest Trends Challenged by Silicon Valley Startups" 

​September 13, 2023 JCCNC Seminar "AI Business and Latest Trends Challenged by Silicon Valley Startups" 

​August 10, 2023 Seminar Committee Online Event

"Sexual Harassment Course" by SQuire Patton Boggs (US) LLP

​June 29, 2023 Sacramento Hanami Line Project

“Ground Breaking Ceremony On the Move In Silicon Valley, JAPAN at Robert T. Matsui Park in Sacramento”

​June 20, 2023, Tech Networking Event hosted by JCCNC

“On the Move In Silicon Valley, JAPAN AND THE SEARCH FOR MOBILITY TECH”  Event Video

​June 14/15, 2023 JCCNC/JBA Visit to Sacramento

“Meeting with the President of the Senate, Members of the Senate and House of Representatives, the California Government, and the California Chamber of Commerce"

​June 10, 2023 JCCNC San Jose Event

"Okonomiyaki Potluck Event with Japantown Community Congress of San Jose and Yu-Ai-Kai"

​June 9, 2023 JCCNC Fundraising Networking Event

“JCCNC Wine Party with Silicon Valley Wine Club

​May 29, 2023 Memorial Day Service 

“Memorial Ceremony Sponsored by the California Japanese Jikei-Kai and Sponsored by the SF Japan-America Religious Federation”

​May 20, 2023 JCCNC Volunteer Work

"Colma Japanese Cemetery Clean-up Day"

May 3, 2023 AAPI Heritage Month Awards and Reception

"Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Event"

April 29, 2023, 54th Annual Manzanar Pilgrimage

"Participation to the Ceremony in the Manzanar National Park"

April 28, 2023 Japanese American National Museum (JANM) Visit

"Visiting the Japanese American National Museum"

April 23, 2023 San Jose Nikkei Matsuri/Fundraising 5K Run

"San Jose Nikkei Matsuri Yuaikai 5K Run"

April 16, 2023, Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

"Cherry Blossom Festival Parade starting from San Francisco City Hall to Japantown"

April 14, 2023 JCCNC Fundraising Networking "Rakugo" Event

“Rakugo: Shinuchi Yanagiya Tozaburo Solo Performance”

April 8, 2023 Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

"The Opening Ceremony and Queen Program"

March 24, 2023 JCCNC Annual Meeting and Board Meeting

"Annual General Meeting and Board Meeting"

​March 13, 2023 Assembly Bill 639 congressional testimony

"Testimony to support the Assembly Bill 639 for Exempting Driver's License Test between Japan and California'' 

​March 10, 2023 JCCNC Seminar

"Life Tips Seminar for Newly Appointed Expatriates" Mr. Yasushi Iwase, Tokio Marine America

​February 23, 2023 San Francisco City Japan Day

"San Francisco Japan Day Flag Raising Ceremony"

​February 17, 2023 JCCNC Seminar

"How to make a change project plan / how to pass it through" Cambridge Technology Partners CEO Ryo Sakakimaki / Associate Director Kunihiko Iida

​February 9, 2023 JCCNC/JCCCNC Networking Event

"Networking Event with Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California/The Center"

​February 4, 2023 Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce SF and Bay Area

​"Taiwan Chamber of Commerce New Year Party"

​February 3, 2023 JCCNC Seminar

"Risk Cost: Future Corporate Property Insurance Management"] Mr. Hiroki Baba, J-morey

​January 21, 2023 JCCNC Fundraising Event

"New Year Party @ Westin St. Francis Appearance "Suga Shikao""

​December 28, 2022 San Jose Japantown Bonenkai

"San Jose Japan Town year-end party"

​December 16, 2022 JCCNC Seminar

"U.S. Laws and Regulations You Should Understand When Selling Products in the U.S. - FDA, EPA, Prop65 -" Ms. Saaya Hirai, Globizz

​December 8, 2022 JCCNC Seminar

"Learning the history of our predecessors - San Francisco Bay Area and Japanese history -"

Consul General Yusuke Shimada, Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco

​December 1, 2022 JCCNC Seminar

"Sexual Harassment Seminar" Squire Patton Boggs LLP 

Attorney Shimoda, Attorney Furuhata

​November 18, 2022 JCCNC Seminar


​November 6, 2022 JCCNC Seminar

"Public Education Situation in the Bay Area (2022)" Consulate General of Japan in San Francisco       Consul Noritoshi Kurokawa

​October 6, 2022 JCCNC Seminar

“Thinking now, promoting DX that respects the initiative of employees-Thinking about the future of the US corporation-”


​FY2021 13th JCCNC Seminar

"Latest Edition: Status of Renewal of Non-Immigrant Visas during the Corona Crisis"

​FY2021 12th JCCNC Seminar

"U.S. Economy Update 2022 Outlook"

​FY2021 11th JCCNC Seminar

"Latest version: What you should know about entering Japan and entering and re-entering the United States"

​FY2021 10th JCCNC Seminar

“Expectations for Japan and JCCNC seen in interviews with state governments”


​FY2021 9th JCCNC Seminar

"Sexual Harassment Prevention Seminar"


​FY2021 8th JCCNC Seminar

"Public Education Situation in the Bay Area"

​FY2021 7th JCCNC Seminar

"Community Relations Committee Activities & Member Networking -   One Proposal to Make Your Stay in the United States More Meaningful"

​FY2021 6th JCCNC Seminar

"[JCCNC members & families only] Questions about COVID-19 that can't be asked now, consideration of the current situation

​FY2021 5th JCCNC Seminar

"Office Reopening Series 3rd Participation Type I want to ask/know about that, how are you all doing?

​FY2021 4th JCCNC Seminar

"Office Reopening Series Part 2   What should the office be like in the future?

2021 3rd JCCNC Seminar

"Office Reopening Series 1: Labor after the Covid-19 economic sanctions are lifted"

​FY2021 2nd JCCNC Seminar

"Meet Your Board Leadership First Round Connect with JCCNC"

​FY2021 1st JCCNC Seminar

"Seminar on life for newly appointed expats in the Bay Area"

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​FY2020 12th JCCNC Seminar

"The COVID19 Pandemic and the Fight of JCCNC Member Airlines, and the Latest Information on Arrival in Japan during the Year-end and New Year Holidays"

​FY2020 11th JCCNC Seminar

"Sexual harassment problem prevention seminar

​FY2020 10th JCCNC Seminar

"History of Japanese Americans: What Happened Then?"

​FY2020 9th JCCNC Seminar

“American Education System and Educational Innovation: Inequality, Discrimination, and Post-Corona”

​2020 6th JCCNC Seminar

"RPA is a hot topic, but is it really useful?

2020 5th JCCNC Seminar

" Is RPA really useful? "

2020 4th JCCNC Seminar

"The Future of the U.S. Gun Regulations and Smart Gun Developers"

2020 3rd JCCNC Seminar  "Digital No Recommendation Vol.2 Actual Record! How has your work changed with the use of data?"

​2020年度 第2回 JCCNCセミナー

『Necessary steps in leadership and management in the Post-COVID world』

​2020年度 JCCNC x Plug and Play 共催セミナー

『the future outlook for Silicon Valley startups and Japanese companies』

​2020年度 第1回 JCCNCセミナー

Technology Vol.1 Digital Transformation - Things to do

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