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Sakura Radio


Dear Members of the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Northern California


Due to COVID-19 we have an enormous impact on our lives, business and communities.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones during these uncertain times, and we sincerely pray for the safety, security, and health of you and your family


Since October 2017, Interesse International has been broadcasting "Sakura Radio" from, offering programs designed not only to help Japanese people navigate life in America, but also to provide a platform where listeners can get exposure to Japanese language and culture.


There are still some Japanese news papers in California, Hawaii and New York areas. But the news papers need more than 10 days before publishing and it is difficult to deliver them now because of Coronavirus. It is the time (although late enough!) to create something new instead of the papers.


And the internet radio can broadcast emergency news immediately and US wide or world wide.

Sakura Radio will broadcast your local news and topics too.

Please not only listening the programs also use it as your information resource for your business in the Japanese language society in US.

Masato Fujihara

President & C.E.O.     

iii-media Division

 c/o interesse international, inc.

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